"I have taken many golf lessons over the years.  Susan has the ability to keep her suggestions "very simple" while working on my swing. Over time Susan has been able to detect my swing fault early in our session so that we spend more time working on improving my game. We cover all aspects of the game from driver down to putter. It also helps that Susan is an excellent player in her own right." Bill Hetherington,13 hdcp. 

"I have been taking lessons from Susan for several years. To me, her strong point is quickly picking up a swing fault and suggesting permanent corrective action. She has a variety of training aids to help implement a swing fix, and, since she is an accomplished player, can demonstrate the proper technique. She is an effective communicator and leaves one with good written reminders. I have benefited from her teaching.​"    Jerry Jackson, 1.0 index


"I have known Susan Fasoldt for 14 years starting as an Assistant Golf Professional at TPC Prestancia and now Director of Instruction at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club. Susan is a great teacher; her instruction concentrates on posture and set up, then good swing path.  She involves the student as an active participant in the lesson, giving written feedback and drills at the end of the lesson.  Recently I asked Susan to check my set up and swing path to allow me to safely play with a shoulder injury.  Following day, I shot 79."    Linda, 12 handicap

"Susan Fasoldt is perhaps the most adept and perceptive golf teacher I have ever worked with.  She has a unique ability to observe a student's mechanics and then communicate her suggested changes clearly and simply, helping the student to immediately translate those thoughts into a mental picture that allows the student to make effective adjustments right away.  Her assistance with all aspects of my short game, from bunker shots to pitching, has had an amazing impact on improving my scores."    Michael, golf goal is to consistently break 100 

"I've been taking golf lessons from Susan for 3 years now, and have been increasingly impressed with her knowledge level and teaching ability. What I like is that she does not try to shoehorn anyone into a particular swing style but rather works with each golfers` individual strengths and needs.  I don`t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who asks."  Fred W, 6.5 index