How to film your golf swing  

Filming and uploading your video can be done with most video cameras or cell phones. Have a fellow golfer film your swing or set up a tripod and film yourself. You will need to record your swing from up to 3 different views.

1. Face on view of the Golfer camera positioned at Hold/Grip level

2. Down the Line view or behind the golfer camera positioned at Hold/Grip level

3. A Close-Up of the Hold/Grip on the club at address.


Remote Video Lessons

Now we can stay in contact when your away!  Simply download the V1 Golf App to your Apple or Android smart phone, set up a locker using the log in below, and video your swing.  I will be able to see your recorded swing, provide you with a my voice analysis including side by side comparisons to a Tour Player.  I will also send you videos of suggested practice drills to help you improve.  This is a perfect way to keep your golf instruction consistent throughout the year!

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See yourself side by side next to a Tour Player AND receive a detailed voice recorded summary of our time together!