Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club's premier ball flight & launch monitor accurately records
ball trajectory & launch data to achieve state of the art club fitting.  

All Day Tuesdays or by appointment. 
Free for Stoneybrook Members and $50.00 per hour for Non-Members

Maximizing Your Distance
Did you know the ideal launch angle is 17 degrees and the ideal spin rate is 1700 rpm?  Now this is very difficult to achieve, but club manufacturers are finding ways to engineer clubs which increase loft and decrease spin rate, which maximizes distance!  So maybe a better question is what is your launch angle and spin rate, and can it be improved.   Using our Flight Scope Launch monitor, we can measure a total of 24 variables (including launch angle and spin rate) related to the ball, club and swing of a golf shot.  Flight Scope is an ideal tool for custom club fitting.  We can match the best shaft and club face loft to you, which will help you get the most out of your golf swing.   Here is an example of the information which we get after you hit several different clubs in front of the launch monitor.  As you can see, there are several choices of new drivers which perform better than this persons own driver!  


Importance of Iron Fitting
It is possible to hit a golf shot with poorly fit equipment.  However, in order to do this, a golfer must make at least one compensation before swinging or during the swing.  This results in a lack of consistency.  In conjunction with FlightScope, irons are properly fit using a lie board.  Observing a player hitting golf shots with various length clubs and various lie angles from a lie board allows us to achieve proper fit which decreases the golfers need to compensate which ultimately increases consistency.  We use Titleist, TaylorMade and Cobra club fitting systems.  We also have the ability to take information gained during a club fitting session and order custom clubs with the correct specifications from every major club manufacturer in golf!