My approach to golf is simple, after all golf is a game.

Putt if you can, chip if you can't putt, pitch when you can't chip and take a full swing only when you must. 

Learning how and when to effectively play each of these shots will improve your golf game and increase your enjoyment.

Ineffective motions are caused by incorrect set up fundamentals or a misconception about what is the correct motion to make.  Golf is largely counter intuitive.  Hit down on the ball and it can go up, swing left and the ball can curve right.

If you are looking for a simple, uncomplicated, fun and effective approach to starting golf or improving your golf game contact me.

Susan Fasoldt


While teaching I use many different learning and training aids in order to communicate ideas, provide feedback and facilitate your learning process. As a preferred customer of Golf Training Aids. I am authorized to offer students a 10% discount that you won't get going directly to their website.
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Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club

8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard

​Sarasota, Florida 34238

Susan Fasoldt Golf

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